Liquid Force Angel
The Angel is a super fluid, smooth, and fun to ride board that does what you tell it to. It’s slim and lightweight, this board will help any girl take her riding to that next level while having more fun then ever before at the same time!
Liquid Force Luna
3-stage rocker pop with a continuous rocker flow on the water help carry progressing riders across the wake like never before. Add a lifted rail line and you’ve got a board that any rider can spin with confidence. You’ll fearlessly be trying tricks you never imagined!
Liquid Force Jett
Amber Wing’s signature board is designed for the rider looking to edge, pop, and fly more explosively then ever before. This is our most aggressive women’s shape, it features a 3-stage hybrid rocker for smooth transitions when boosting off the wake. If you’re looking to fly, this is the Jett you’ve been waiting for.
Liquid Force Melissa
Melissa Marquardt’s board is designed to tackle any type of riding. Wake to wake or urban winching, this board features the best of both worlds. Super smooth trajectory pop off the wake, the Melissa Hybrid will land you softly after boosting. Just like Melissa, this board is designed to charge!
Liquid Force Trip
Built for any type or level of rider, the Trip is a user friendly board that is made for fun. The Trip still continues to impress the critics for it’s can do attitude. Grab one and see what all the talk is about.
Liquid Force PS3
Featuring a 3-stage rocker pop with a continuous rocker flow on the water, the PS3 will help carry you across the wake and into the flats. It’s a smooth and forgiving ride that will help take your riding to the next level.
Liquid Force Groove
Collin Harrington is one of the most stylish and versatile riders in wakeboarding. His signature board is no different, as it performs at a high level in any situation or condition. This board is ready to take you wherever you want to go!
Liquid Force Witness
Ben Greenwood’s signature board can be labeled a classic. It features an aggressive yet reliable rocker line which allows the board to boost of the wake like a true 3-stage machine and still carry speed through the landings. The Witness is sure to be your new favourite board!
Liquid Force Watson Classic
The Classic Watson is the board that will take the average rider, and help turn them into a great rider. This board says Classic on the side of it for a reason, it’s an aggressive and snappy performance board that maintains a smooth feel. No matter what your riding level is, you’ll be able to appreciate this modern day high performance machine.
Liquid Force Lyman
Keith is a next level athlete, therefore he needs a board that can perform at an elite level. The Lyman is a super charged board that will take just about anything a rider gives it. This is one of our most aggressive wake to wake boards, as it’s built for speed, pop, and power!
Liquid Force S4
Designed and built for the Pro Wakeboard Tour Champion Phillip Soven, this board features everything a top rider could want. Featuring a progressive 3-stage rocker and low volume rails, it’s fast on the edge with more hold to go where you want. Whether you’re trying to win a pro championship or just out riding with your friends, you will fall in love with this board!
Liquid Force Shane
The Shane is the perfect combination of fast aggressive edging and a fun unmatched pop. If you’re looking to take your riding to the highest levels, the Shane is the perfect 3-stage ticket to fun!
Liquid Force Watson
Watson’s newly created modern design generates persistent speed all day long, and most importantly, helps with smooth landings after hitting huge BROstock double-ups. This board has all the bells and whistles, but more importantly, the official Shawn Watson seal of approval, meaning it’s designed
Liquid Force Nemesis
The Nemesis is the perfect board for the young ripper looking to learn and improve. The groms will love how smooth and forgiving this board is. It’s designed for the young rippers to have fun while progressing at the same time.
Liquid Force Star
The Star has variable edges and a rounded tip, for catch free fun. It’s designed specifically for small girls to learn and progress on. The Star is super forgiving, yet is a proven performer to advance with. Your kids will be begging you to ride once they’ve been on the Star.
Liquid Force Custom
Ride a Custom and you’ll instantly be hooked. Jimmy Redmon has taken his decades of shaping experience to create the best wakesurfers in the world. Equiped with a super lightweight core and a LF traction pad for grib, these boards fly on the wake! You truly can experience the Endless Summer on a Liquid Force Custom.
Liquid Force Custom Thruster
Experience the unbelievable glide of the new Liquid Force Noserider. This new custom shape was one of the most boards we tested at Powell this year. From loose lip slides and slayshes to long cheater five nose rides, this time machine lets you rip in past, present, and future styles.
Liquid Force Venture
The Venture, redesigned for 2010, is your versatile everyday wake surfboard. It works equally well in small to medium size wakes, the shape generates push while the squash tail allows any surfer to move with ease. Variable edges prove to be forgiving, and superior tracking is generated by three fins. Whether a pro or beginner, all riders will equally have a great time riding the Venture
As one of the most supportive boots in our line, the 2011 Watson Pro Binding provides just the right balance of flexibility and stiffness needed to nail your most technical tricks. Whether you're hitting a wrapped backside mute grab 7 like Shawn, or simply jumping wake to wake, you'll ride with confidence knowing that you're using a boot with the needed support when you land
The 2011 Soven Pro Binding is built for large, technical riding. With laces in the lower zone and dual power straps up top you can easily crank up the support without sacrificing the comfort. You can charge the wake with confidence knowing this binding won't fold when you need it to stand strong. With its low to the board profile and great support up top the Soven Pro binding responds quickly and holds steady for powerful movements. You are cleared for take-off!
He may look out of control blasting that heel-side wake to wake 1080 but with the new 2011 Harley Pro Binding he is in complete control. Arguably the best rider in the world today, Harley's smooth athletic style requires a supportive binding with precision flex control. The 2011 Harley Pro Binding delivers the firm, smooth flexing, predictable ride you need to finally nail any trick that has been alluding you
The 2011 Vantage Closed Toe Binding delivers pro performance in an easy to use, customizable package. This updated version of last year's CT Binding sits lower to the water creating a more responsive ride. In addition, the velcro closures allow you to soften the flex to style things out or crank it down for a more aggressive approach. This binding is the weapon of choice for Kevin Henshaw whether he's crushing the rails or boosting off double ups at BROstock
The 2011 Vantage Open Toe Binding has the responsive ride quality advance riders demand. With the Flex Level 6-8 The Vantage OT Binding is perfect for big boosting and clean carving. This binding has just the right combination of flexibility and support you need to hammer that new trick. Meet your new BFF the 2011 Vantage OT
The 2011 Domain Binding is the perfect mid to entry level binding for powerful riders that demand a more supportive customized feel that they can't get in a typical entry level boot. Easy to cinch up, the 2011 Domain translates to less time on the swim platform and more time charging the wake. You are a master of your own Domain
The 2011 Melissa Pro Binding is designed to give Melissa and any rider a wide range of flex options for an aggressive riding style. Crank down the dual strap system and you are ready blast off the wake. Melissa likes to loosen the top strap for some extra flex when she goes for the grab or hits a rail. Just like Melissa, her binding has a unique style… just the right mix of cute and cool. Smooth and in Control, the 2011 Melissa pro binding is ready to fly
The 2011 Prima Binding is the perfect mid to entry-level binding for the advancing rider that demands a supportive, customized feel. Easy to cinch up, the 2011 Prima means less time on the swim platform and more time charging the wake. Set your edge with the Prima and give it a go!
The 2011 Plush Binding provides a stable platform for beginners and intermediates to progress. The Plush continues to set the standard for comfort and fit at an affordable level. Easy to use and packed with features found on high end bindings, the 2011 Plush is a perfect set of value bindings and has become a favorite for the Liquid Force girls
The 2011 Kids Domain Binding provides a stable platform for the young beginners to progress on. The Kids Domain is a proven winner that continues to set the standard for comfort and fit. Easy to use, the Domain allows our next generation of groms to spend more time shredding and less time fussing about their bindings on the swim platform.
The 2011 Kids Prima Binding provides a stable platform for beginners to push themselves to new levels. No other kids boot in the market can boast the level of comfort for the little ones that these provide. Easy to use, the Prima allows our next generation to spend more time showing off on the wake and less time struggling on the platform.






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